Rheim Alkadhi


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former coastal waters, discarded clothing, human labor, existing geo-political conditions.
Bahrain, 2014

Within the boundaries of Adliya-Manama’s Block 338, at the foot of an abandoned palace, on grounds that were once coastal waters, I began digging holes of varying depth, along with three gallery assistants. Seawater might have rushed to the surface from below, symptomatic of rampant land reclamation by developers. Procured from a farmer in the outlying village of Buri, scores of sichra (discarded clothing used in centuries-old irrigation methods) were to be dropped into the holes, absorbing and diverting water, and then buried in situ, leaving a landscape intervention that directly referenced, on a different scale, the Dilmun Burial Mounds of Bahrain.
Although I had the pleasure to research and develop my concept, to procure the sichra and prepare the earth, as well as to begin digging at the proposed site, I was unexpectedly ordered to cease until unspecified paperwork was issued by interested bureaucratic parties.
The life and death of this project are remembered via digital representation.


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