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Selected Research

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Visual Material for Necropolis
Bahrain, 2014

1 Intended earthwork site, view from roof of defunct palace, Manama.

2 View from intended earthwork site (palace with skyscrapers in background).
3 Intended earthwork site.
4 Example of more earth nearby, which was once seawater, Manama.
5 A picture which hangs in the national museum, showing Dilmun burial mounds in village of ‘Aali.
6 Actual burial mound (bisected by sidewalk) in the village of ‘Aali.
7 Mound of clay at a pottery business, village of ‘Aali.
8 Shi’a cemetery in Al-Malkiya.
9 Reverse view of cemetery with Shi’a mourner, whose tears irrigate the flowers.
10 Farm and irrigation implements, village of Buri.
11 Irrigation system, village of Buri.
12-16 Examples of sichra used at a farm in village of Buri.



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