Rheim Alkadhi

Plan for gender transport.

Posted in الرحلة by ///// on 23/08/2012


Abstract: An almond grove just outside the city, vegetal pressings stuck in grooves of a revolving tread. An incomplete mirror and two styrofoam coolers, one for cold water, the other for secret descriptions of political mechanisms: regions, occupations, drones, genitals, subcontinents, americas, saharas, bread, ringtones and skintones. Two fists toggle leftmost and then rotate along a vista looking horizontal looking vertical, weighing background, exposure, kilometers per hour. Surgery on a flower, amputate it by whim for transplant behind the ear. Disembark this time along a hidden gully skirting a date grove, undo the secret descriptions from their packaging and bite into them like sandwiches.


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